The Need For Blog Template Experts!

I'm just browsing a few of the message boards online about blog templates and I am seeing that a LOT of people are having problems adding new blog templates that they have gotten from a third-party site.

A lot of people are also asking help because they want to have a specific or custom-made blog template done for them and they are asking around looking for someone to help them with that.

This might be a good career choice for someone that is good at making and editing blog templates and I posted about this on Rose's Working From Home Blog.

If you are good at making and editing templates then you should know that there seems to be quite a need for this type of service. A good way to find this out would be for you to look at some of the blog-related message boards where so many people are asking for help with their blog templates.

There seems to be quite a big need for this type of service and if you are good at this kind of thing then you should seriously consider making this a career! This is definitely a service that you can provide working from your home and the more better you are at it then the more potentioal money that you can make!

A Frequently Asked Question About Widgets Is......

How can I keep my widgets when I change my template?

In a word you can't! And this is especially true if you want to use a third-party template!

Actually it does make kind of sense because you have to remember that the third-party template that you want to use is not going to have YOUR widgets in it's template! The third-party templates that you are downloading / wanting to use are meant to be downloaded and used as is.

When you think about it what you would actually have to do is to get the person who designed the template to manually add your specific widgets to their template so that you could then download it with your own specific widgets.

I don't even think that this is possible either unless the creator of the third-party template would have to manually and piece-by-piece add your specific widgets manually because now that I think about it, the widgets that are on one's blog can be re-created within a third-party template but they will have to be added manually - and although this is possible it could prove to be a lot of work especially if one has a lot of widgets on their blog!

But I think I'm kind of straying from the topic at hand which is that if you want to use a third-party template AND be able to keep / add your widgets - you are going to have to have a back up copy of your widgets so that you can add them when you upload your new third-party template!

So Many People Seem To Be Having Problems With Adding Different Third-Party Blog Templates.....

that I think that it would be a great idea if people started posting and / or commenting about the experiences they have had with trying to use a different third-party template for their blog.

After all this is why I started this particular blog in the first place because I was seeing so many good-looking blog templates online that I wanted to try them out. Unfortunately when you add a new template to your blog you will have to re-load all of the widgets, gadgets, etc. that you were using on your old blog - which is a bummer!

So while I continue to experiment with different blog templates here on this blog, it would be a good idea for you to comment on the blog templates that YOU are trying to use.

Did the blog template load without problems? Or are you having problems using the template that you would like to use? What is the best blog template that you have ever seen? What about the worst blog template that you have ever seen?

"Where Can I Find Different Blog Templates?"

I recently got this comment: offers professional web templates, flash templates, swish templates, dreamweaver templates and other web design products available for immediate download..........

Of course this is an advertisement for blog templates but it does go to show you that there are many different websites online where you can download free blog templates that you can use on your own blog.

I really don't have an opinion yet on which is the best third-party template website and what I think may be good templates - you may feel a different way. So the best advice that I can give is that if you see a template that you like and want to use it for yourself, then you should first check and see whether or not a link is provided to where you can download the template.

If you're just looking for other blog templates that you can use, just use one of the search engines to find different websites that have blog templates on them (and I can guarantee that there are a LOT of them out there)!